Innovative horticulture lighting systems

You want a constant high quality plant breeding 365 days a year?
Whether in a greenhouse or indoor facility, our experts will optimize your lighting and enable your plants to grow healthier and faster.

The right solution for any plant growing environment

With livebau's versatile LED grow lights and intelligent lighting control systems, you are guaranteed to achieve your goal!

livebau's greenhouse technology is based on many years of research. The effect of different light and different lamps on plants was examined. The result is impressive: A quickly installed, automated system with individually adjustable light that leads to a visible increase in operating and electricity costs.

Would you like an automated system with individually adjustable light?
Do you have the feeling that your current lighting is not optimally adapted to your plants?
Do you want to protect your plants from yield-reducing damage?
Do you want to increase your profitability?

Our greenhouse technology enables your plants to grow healthily and quickly, while significantly increasing your profitability. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the first results after installing our flexible greenhouse technology. This increased your yield by more than 30%.

We fulfill your desire to breed plants that taste better, last longer and require less energy to grow.

Food and cannabis cultivation

With livebau, you can consistently and sustainably produce plants of all types of the highest quality while reducing your energy needs.

Especially the cultivation of cannabis poses great challenges to growers, because cannabis is one of nature's most light-hungry crops. With livebau's lighting solutions, you can grow premium quality cannabis sustainably. The LED grow light offers multiple adjustable wavelengths, variable light intensities and infinite spectral options. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right spectrum for each stage of cannabis production to achieve superior harvest quality.

Food and cannabis cultivation | Horticulture Lighting Systems

We specialize in two types of LED lighting:

livebau offers you flexible indoor and greenhouse LED lamps that let you maintain your maximum yield all year round. With innovative lighting technology, we enable you to transform your farm into a modern, innovative facility of tomorrow.

Indoor LED grow lights | Horticulture Lighting Systems

LED grow lights for indoor
Our LED lights are ideal for indoor use. In addition, with our app, you can see the exact status of your plant production on any device, anytime, anywhere.

LED growth lights for greenhouses | Horticulture Lighting Systems

LED growth lights for greenhouses
Installation of our lamps is simple and allows you to quickly set up plants. Due to the different variants, the LED lamps are suitable for different plants and areas.

Our service package for you

Whether you grow plants indoors or in a greenhouse, our greenhouse technology can handle any environment. From lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers to flowers and cannabis, our LED grow lights adapt perfectly to the needs of each type of plant. With livebau, you are sure to achieve the best possible results:

✔ Planning and development of your lighting

✔ Simple and fast installation

✔ Commissioning

✔ Cultivation training for you and your employees

✔ Advice from our experts

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Due to our many years of experience, you and your individual concerns and requirements are in good hands with livebau.