livebau illuminates majestic jellyfish in Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Seeshaupt | Munich, 10/01/2019

livebau knew how to let this artwork of Swarovski Crystal Worlds shine that resembles a jellyfish floating on the surface of the ocean: The body is lit up by LED Dots and connected to a glass fibre plait of 10 meters that represents the tentacles of the jellyfish.

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livebau's lighting concept emphasizes the colours of the Common Wall

Seeshaupt | Munich, 5/01/2019

Whenever you enter or leave the MVHS (educational institution in Munich), the sculpture dynamically leads you. The colourful, three-dimensional wall sculpture has a stimulating effect und reflects the characteristics of a educational institution open to everyone. The spotlights installed by livebau follow the form of the artwork emphasizing its colour concept eve more.

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livebau closed the fourth quarter with incoming orders of € 1.4 million

Seeshaupt | Munich, 31/12/2018

The German lighting specialist livebau continues to follow its path of success. In the last three months of the past fiscal year, livebau scored again with its many years of expertise in the field of lighting and control technology and closed the fourth quarter with  incoming orders of € 1.4 million.

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