Experience AR Horticulture in Seeshaupt

Seeshaupt | Munich, 29/05/2020

Our AR App allows to control and monitor electrical systems right at the object. All relevant product information and real-time data (e.g. real-time power consumption, last maintenance check) can be directly accessed.

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Advantages in maintenance using AR

Seeshaupt | Munich, 25/05/2020

Bertil Felsch, managing director of our sister company 010digital, will give a lecture on the topic "Augmented Reality (AR) - Advantages for maintenance and building management" at an expert event of Bayern Facility Management GmbH. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR)...

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CEO Florian Felsch talks about smart lighting at LICHT 2020

Seeshaupt | Munich, 09/03/2020

Florian Felsch, CEO of livebau, will be speaking about the topic of "smart lighting" at LICHT 2020 (27.-30.09) in Bamberg (ATTENTION: was postponed to spring 2021). The title of the talk is named: On the way to really smart light. By clicking on "learn more" your will find a short summary.

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