WWK Arena will shine even brighter

Seeshaupt | Munich, 24/09/2018

Since September 2017, the Bundesliga football stadion has been illuminated in the club colours of the FCA. The exterior lighting of the WWK Arena was successfully implemented by livebau smart electric and has been monitored and managed by the light specialist since. The literal highlight of the stadion is the modern facade made of 135 intertwined LED light sticks of the company Zumtobel which now count 170 in total as livebau was asked to add 35 LED sticks.

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Showcasing the AR Light APP to over 1,000 UBS clients

Seeshaupt | Munich, 20/09/2018

UBS, the Swiss global investment bank, is organizing the Smart Home/Office & Manufacturing 4.0 Expo in September 2018. This event aims to introduce leaders in Smart Technology to UBS Clients. The Joint Venture of Visionaries 777 and eventa AG, AR Automation Ltd., is presenting the AR Light App.

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livebau, Visionaries 777 and Johann Kuhn present 3D exhibits in a completely new way by using AR

Seeshaupt | Munich, 18/09/2018

The three companies livebau smart electric, Visionaries 777 and Johann Kuhn offer a special service to companies that want to present their products in a very unique way - by letting the exhibits merge with computer-generated information (watch Video).

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