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on the topic of lighting control and media technology

Here you will find a selection of videos providing more information about our work and projects.

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AR Smart Control - OSRAM Traxon Technologies Showroom Hong Kong

Going forward, Traxon Technologies will showcase its product innovations using AR Smart Control - an innovative AR application to monitor and control lighting, building and media technology, developed by AR Automation and Insider Navigation.

Media Wall - OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' Headquarters

Implemented by livebau (2018): 40m² medium resolution screen with 145.152 individually controllable channels that are managed via SYMPL Modular Controller Range and e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT 3.0.

AR Automation introduces AR Smart Control

The AR Smart Control app is going to be a big game changer for the vertical farming industry: After scanning the location with 3D cameras, the app allows you to manually adjust the lighting, ventilation and water supply of each individual rack.

Showcasing the AR Horticulture app at AWE EU 2018

AR Automation Ltd - a joint venture between Visionaries 777 Ltd and eventa AG - teamed up with Insider Navigation (INS) to create an innovative control and monitoring solution for the vertical farming industry. The companies were demonstrating the revolutionary AR Smart Control app at AWE EU 2018 in Munich.

Using AR to experience 3D exhibits in a new way

livebau, Visionaries 777 and Johann Kuhn make it happen: They offer a special service to companies that want to present their products in a very unique way - by letting the exhibits merge with computer-generated information.

livebau at Light + Building 2018

AR Light App

livebau smart electric and Visionaries 777 introduce »AR Smart Control«, an app that allows users to control any luminaire in the room while checking important information like real time power consumption.

livebau at Light + Building 2018

3D visualization

livebau and Visionaries 777 present the »interactive building«: The 3D visualization serves as an user-friendly alternative to traditional interfaces and allows an easy management of complex electrical systems. By using AR and a suitable hardware, it is possible, due to digital twin technology and activated objects, to directly control any electrical system through this 3D user interface.

livebau at Light + Building 2018

Augmented Control

livebau smart electric and Visionaries 777 show how Augmented Control works: Using AR and a suitable hardware, the mavacon solution allows users to directly control any electrical system with a smart phone or tablet.